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For this post I’m going to be taking a look a third party video player from As Google continues to emphasize videos with universal search, not including them part of your overall search marketing strategy is probably not a smart move. In the past Google would only show video results from high reliability websites like Youtube, MetaCafe and Video Jug. However in recent months you can host videos on your own site as long as the hosting is reliable.

In the past people would upload videos to places like Youtube and cross the project off their to-do list and call it a day. The problem was at the end of every video Youtube would show related video, in an effort to keep you watching. if you where a merchant selling a product, or someone selling information like an ebook, or trying to get people to sign up to a mailing list these related videos where a distraction, keeping people from entering your conversion funnel. If you use third party players like the one from Vzaar you don’t have that issue to worry about. Another issue with Youtube is they have started showing advertising overlays, and you never know when your competition might show up on your video.

Vzaar has worked with some large companies like ToysRUs, Walmart, and Budweiser, you can see samples of other clients on their showcase page. They also have a lot of other features like player skins, video settings, ecommerce, analytics, ebay integration, mail chimp integration, and more you can see the full list on the features page. You can take and upload your videos as you would any other video service, you don’t need special equipment. A computer webcam, digital camera, or mobile phone work fine (my video came from the front facing camera of an iphone 4)

This is a paid service, so it’s for people and businesses who are professionals, it’s not the place to upload the funny videos of your cat in the bathtub. They have a limited free trial so you can give it a try, professional plans start at a month for 50GB of video playback. You can get more information about it and other plans on the pricing page.

If you’ve tried using videos in the past and not gotten the conversions you where looking for and where losing people to more Youtube videos, this is a service you should probably look at you can get more info from

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This post originally came from Michael Gray who is an SEO Consultant. Be sure not to miss the Thesis WordPress Theme review.

Vzaar Video Hosting Service Review

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