Top 10Joel Goldstein will teach you the 10 things to keep in mind when building a website. This is applicable whether you currently have a website or are considering building one in the near future. Mr. Goldstein is the President of the Peer Marketing Group as well as a best selling author on marketing.

1) Attract and Hold the viewers attention immediately. This is different for each generation however here is a synopsis on what they like to see. The Baby Boomers enjoy seeing well put together material with quotes and credentials. Generation X is attracted to Bold words and when an advertisement raises a question. Generation Y or Millennials are drawn to large in your face pictures, they also are more likely to purchase something if their friends do. Don’t expect that your customer will look around your site for hours, they will only stay engaged as long as you have their attention. Give a clear path to a end goal, whether that be calling you or an online purchase. The more simple the better.

Best Practices Include:
avoiding graphics, flash animation, large pictures.

2) Target your customers by demographic and generation. Build your website according to what kind of customer you are looking to reach. If your website is directed at professionals, make the site bright and clear. If your site is targeting young teenagers, make the website more informal and relaxed. Give them an action to act on from your website.

3) Narrow down your website. Do not offer multiple products on the same page this will only confuse your customer. Dedicate a separate page for each product. If you wish to advertise your other products, do so in a subtle manner in the footer or sidebar.

4) Build your credibility immediately. Having a great website is a good first step, however if you are looking to build trust in your future customers state your credentials upfront. The Internet creates a air of mistrust in each website visitor, in order to sell your products you must first build the trust in your visitor to a level where they are confident buying from you.

5) Give correct information about yourself including an address, email and phone number. Going a step further and adding a clear privacy statement is a good tool for establishing credibility.

6) Offer a money back guarantee or a satisfaction guarantee. Give the client control of whether you want them to keep the product or not. The 5% of clients who return your products will eliminate any actionable negative bloggers or bad pr from being released online or to the press.

7) Make the money transaction on your website as easy as possible. Making the process short is essential for eliminating buyers remorse and eliminating confusion. Give your clients as many payment modes as possible including credit cards, online payments, electronic checks and a mailing address for customers paying via the mail. has patented the one click checkout process, due to the power of eliminating hurdles in the buying process.

8) Make navigating your website as simple as possible. Each page should lead seamlessly into the next. Creating a 1. 2. 3. step process is a great solution to streamlining your process.

9) Create the website with a color palate that matches the look and feel of your company. If you are marketing your product or service to professionals make the palate neutral and light, if you are targeting a younger generation you can take liberties and have a more bold color palate.

10) Keep in mind that most of your customers will find your website in the search engine. Design your pages so that your product pages each have individual titles and keywords to give you as much targeted exposure as possible. Use title tags and description tags to narrow this SEO scope down. By creating 15 landing pages for your website you will maximize exposure and increase traffic 15 times!

Bonus: I saved this obvious but most important tip as last. Give good information and give your viewer the option to get more good information by signing up to get more information from you. To that point if you would like to be informed on my future articles please visit my website and sign up to receive emails from me.

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