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When I got my iPad, some of the things I wanted to know were how much could I actually get done on an iPad and in what situations could it replace my laptop. Here are the programs and apps that I use to help me get things done.

Here’s a screen shot of the programs I use

Google Apps for Domains Email and Calendar
I use the built-in mail and calendar functions, but each has its own problems. The mail function doesn’t handle multiple threaded messages well and doesn’t archive, so I only use that when I need to. Currently the iPad only syncs with one calendar (the iPhone syncs with more than one), so if I need to see something not on my default calendar, I use it here. It webpages bookmarks saved to the home screen. Here are instructions about how to do that if you’re interested.

Analytics app

This gives me the ability to see my analytics without needing to be in front of a laptop. I did a much more extensive review of the app when it first came out. I was part of the beta program. You can read more about it.

WordPress App

The Worpress app allows you to write new posts and to edit existing drafts and posts right from your iPad. You can connect it to multiple blogs as long as you have xmlrpc enabled. In fact this post was written using the app while I was waiting in a car dealership waiting room. The app isn’t perfect: the features for inserting links, placing images, and editing either don’t work or are so hard to do it’s not worth trying. If you have special plugins like Scribe SEO those aren’t accessible either. Don’t try and use safari and log into your admin panel: all the Ajax that WordPress uses makes that impossible. The best solution is to use the iPad to write drafts, note where links go, upload, and hire an editor–or add the link yourself later when you are in front of a computer.


Goodreader lets you connect to multiple places, download files, and upload them to a server ( see How to FTP Files From Email Using an iPad, for more details on how to do this). Its a lot less user friendly than other programs, but it has functionality they don’t and is the only one that lets you upload and download a wide variety of file types.

Readle docs

Lets you tie in with services like and dropbox to access different files. You can also pull in documents from your mail account. You can view and read them and move them to other services, but you can’t FTP to a server using this program or edit them.


Need to log into a sever and edit a file? This is the program to help you do it. Editing files on a live server is a dangerous thing, but sometimes it needs to be done. My suggestion: don’t plan on doing a lot of big edits using this program. It’s best suited for small minor changes.

FTP on the Go

Need to FTP or upload images from your iPad? This is the program ( see how to FTP files from your iPad). If you need to move files from one server to another, this program lets you do it. Download the files to a temporary holding bin, then reupload them somewhere else. It’s a shame you can’t use this program to move email attachments. You still need good reader from above to get that done.

SEO Review

This is the iPhone companion to SEO Automatic. See the full SEO Automatic Plugin Review.

Want a quick snapshot of a Website’s link profile? Linkjuice will do it on the spot. It also links to SEOMoz(aft link), majestic SEO link tools(link), and SEM rush (aff link) to give you more in depth information (note some of those services are paid services).


If you use odesk to outsource some of your work, this tool lets you tie into the system, get status updates, or see screen shots from your remote team’s previous work sessions. Pretty handy when you have multiple people working for you and need to correct any mistakes before they get too far.

Office2 HD

Office 2 HD lets you create and edit documents and spreadsheets. It lets you work with services like, drop box and Google documents (even the Google apps for domains version). Additionally Office2 HD is the only iPad app that let’s you edit Google documents. I’m sure others will come soon but as of right now this is it. It’s a huge productivity boost to be able to edit shared Google documents while you are poolside … err… slaving away at an undisclosed location :-)

Photo pad

Need to edit pictures or screenshots? Then photo pad is the app for you. You can crop, resize, rotate, and do some basic color correction all while on the iPad. You can then upload using one of the FTP programs from above or email them to yourself and upload when you edit/format later.


Sometimes you’ll need to remote log into your home computer or file server. RDM+ lets you do it. You won’t be able to work like you are sitting in front of the machine but you can log in and do that quick thing you need or get that file you forgot to share … As long as you left that machine on before you walked out the door …


If you want to share files from your iPad over a wifi connection, this program lets you do it. It’s not super secure so don’t use it for really confidential documents. Emailing files is usually easier, but sometimes you’ll need to move files to a computer that has wifi but no email (like a presentation laptop at a conference). At times like that, it’s good to have this option.

Like most Internet centric companies with remote workers I use Basecamp for project management. There are some Basecamp apps but IMHO they don’t work as well as the Basecamp website. I saved it as a bookmark to my start screen and then moved it to my home bar .

Pageonce ties all my bank accounts, credit cards, stock market, Tripit travel plans, cell phone, insurance, cable, and utility bills together in one spot. It’s sort of a virtual overview of the financial and travel details of my life all on one page, which is extremely helpful. Again this is a bookmark saved to the start screen. As of this writing, they only have an iPhone app not an iPad app.

That’s a list of all of the programs I use on my iPad to help me get my work done.

Thanks to Michelle Robbins who helped with this list of programs
Creative Commons License photo credit: Rego –

This post originally came from Michael Gray who is an SEO Consultant. Be sure not to miss the Thesis WordPress Theme review.

The Webmaster, Programmer, Developer and Blogger’s Guide to Getting Things Done on an iPad

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