As we flip yet another page in the lifespan of Facebook, we have been delighted with the only movie about a social network to embrace our sights. It was not an entire surprise that “The Social Network” Movie, which is based on the #1 of Social Network’s Facebook, made it as #1 in the box office on its opening weekend.

The surprise unfolded within the movie itself. The plot positioned during the times Zuckerberg was being sued from three different people, one being that of his only friend, and building the story of Zuckerbergs creation of Facebook and it’s not so subtle beginnings. One would think that after all the negative lashings about Zuckerberg, that this film would only solidify those perceptions.

Instead, this captivating movie humanized Mark. It showed the betrayals, the desire, and hard work that it took to embark on the brilliance that is Facebook. It did not glorify him or paint him as an evil doer, just a human that is looking to connect.

Zuckerberg’s honesty and awkwardness has unveiled him in a not so positive light, yet this movie almost explains how those traits are what gave us Facebook. Without Zuckerberg having almost no social skills, we perhaps would be lacking in our greatest, history-making reach of communication.

After viewing this film, you can almost feel as though one could relate to Zuckerberg. Using his weakness in a lack of social stability and his yearn for wanting to be a part of some sort of social stature, he used his strength of computer skills and intelligence to create a platform for all of us who in one way or another, feel the same.

Even through the moral questioning of his actions, one can’t help but think that he created a love affair with this network, in replacement of all he was lacking and it seems as though, Facebook was his answer to claiming his presence, not only in amongst his peers but to the world.

If we stop and look past his debatable wrongful doings, his awkwardness and ego – we can almost see that he is in sought for what we all look to do and that is to feel like we belong. In this instance not only did Zuckerberg create a place of no rejection for himself, he ensured that we could all share within this space and perhaps that is why it has become a primal instinct for us to login to Facebook.

No longer do we have to be alone or worse off, feel alone and that is what I took away from watching this film. Zuckerberg has made his fair share of mistakes, but he took them for all of us, what did we do before Facebook? Could we do without it? If so, would we be settling for something less?

I know I missed my online friends while at the theater – in amongst the faceless crowd that we had become so accustomed to. Facebook has humanized us again, brought us down to earth and became a link in rekindling our love of human connections, especially in a generation of technology.

The movie “The Social Network” defines sacrifice, success, and the burden of being limitless. You definitely don’t make 500 Million friends without making a few enemies – As Facebook has put person back into personable, this film has put an understanding face on the creator of Facebook. You will have to see the movie to understand this last sentenced, but I am grateful that Mark didn’t settle for Trout.

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