I have recently organized my contacts. This may seem to be obvious, however I assume like many people when I get back from a networking event I’m too busy making appointments and organizing my business that I brush right over organizing my contacts. A friend of mine Will Tenney always says the people who we network with aren’t our next clients, but our new sales-force.

I internalized this between his advice and that of Robert Bobroff at the Orlando Business Journal who emphasizes the broadcasting of leads to your network. Taking these two seasoned networkers information is not easy, after the years of networking in Orlando I have accumulated over 600 business cards that I have kept. Here are the steps I’ve taken to organize my contacts in order to send out leads.


Step 1) Categorized each card

Real Estate


Financial Services

House Services


Not For Profit



Business Services


2) Entered each Name and Email into outlook “Group”

3) Customized Email signature to explain the reason for the email

4) Schedule to sit  down every sunday with the Orlando Business Journal and a highlighter.

I go through highlighting every lead for new business I can find reguardless if it is applicable.

I comb the leads noting which lead would be good for which industry.

I personally enter this data into a personalized email (NO BOILERPLATE)

I find the article on the digital version online and paste it into the email.

I politely remind the contacts in small text at the bottom of the email that my business works on referrals.

5) Due to SPAM blocks I space out my emails throughout the week making sure not to send more than 100 in one day.

This is how to create lead generation for your business… Karma. Most people say when you give without expecting to get then you will achieve the true meaning, but come on… This is business and my time is precious.


How to take this show on the road

Most of you know that my travels rarely keep me in one place, I have been able to use this system from the road easily enough. You do not have the comforts of the newspaper in your hands, however the Orlando Business Journal like all other Business Journals have a digital version that allows you to copy and paste an article into an email.


Automate the system

This system is more difficult to automate with overseas help, however by paying a college student to do this you will not only automate the system… your results will probably be far better. I suggest an English major… What else are they going to do when they graduate  : )

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