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 Howdy mozfans! This week’s Whiteboard Friday features the return of Danny Dover, our lead SEO here at SEOmoz. He’s going to be discussing the basics of local SEO, a rapidly developing, important niche in SEO land that involves a complex amalgamation of many data sources and metrics. Hey, sounds a lot like the regular SEO we know and love! Take a look at what’s on Danny’s whiteboard here below the video.

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Danny’s Whiteboard:

SEO Local: Behind the Scenes:

  1. Most important: accessibility and content
  2. Second most important: keyword research and targeting
  3. Third most important: links
  4. Fourth most important: social

SEO Local-Specific Features/Considerations

  1. Search engine page
  2. Local directory submissions
    • Yahoo Local
    • Yelp
    • Citysearch
    • Urbanspoon
    • Trip Advisor
    • Judysbook
    • Insider Pages
    • Niche Data Sources
  3. Links
  4. Addresses
  5. Categories
  6. Reviews

Other Metrics Worth Considering

  1. Title (Business Name)
  2. Photos
  3. Social

Video Transcription

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