Social Media for businesses can be a competitive place as you decide to integrate your business in amongst the herds of already established competing communities that may be strong within your competitors, and can seem overwhelming as you take that leap into the possibilities of Social Media.

Don’t Be Discouraged

As scary as it may seem to take a step forward in perhaps a world that is unknown to you, yet the pressure and the logic of becoming involved may plunge you into taking part, without truly understanding what exactly you’re suppose to do within the gigantic Social Media Universe. You my friend are not alone.

First, you need to separate your business with its own identity and look to other businesses that stand out from the crowd with success. You need to lead by example, but need examples to learn how to lead.

Be a Leader

The size of your business will not play a role in how successful you can be within Social Media; it all has to do with how big your team thinks, and the risks you take along the way to build strong connections with people within your communities.

Your Example

A leader within the Automotive Industry is in Lebanon, Ohio where they have hired a Social Media team that packs a punch amongst the top forward thinking Dealerships out there. Not only do they have an interactive Facebook Page, Twitter Page, and YouTube channel but they’ve also decided to create a social logo to represent them and community based blogs.Their Social Media Team Leader, Jeff Cryder Jr. has made purchasing cars a social activity. Since, buying a vehicle is one of our biggest decisions; it is smart for a Dealership to create genuine relationships with their customers and potential customers. This means you need to represent your business on a personal level, just as Cryder is doing at Lebanon Ford Lincoln Mercury (LFLM).

As they have progressed within Social Media it has caught the attention of the high-profiled Social Media brilliance of Scott Monty who works for Ford. Since, Lebanon Ford Lincoln Mercury pays attention to its community they noticed that Monty was noticing them.

“I saw he had been on our For[d] Life and Ford Project blogs, looked up his email address and sent him a nice note letting him know we were planning a road trip to Dearborn, MI and asked if he’d be available for a 10-15min interview.” Cryder says.

After taking the initiative to first create and communicate with their community and staying informed of whom was taking part in their community. Lebanon Ford Lincoln Mercury stepped up their game and connected with Ford’s Scott Monty and was able to meet with him in Michigan. Capitalizing on their visit they took a lot of great pictures at Ford and with Monty, and then shared it with their online communities. They were even asked to visit again in the future.

With excitement Cryder says, “We got invited to come back up to Dearborn next week to drive the newest Ford products around the Race Track!”

Connections with those who like or follow your business on your social networks are exceedingly important but just as important you need to unite with others within your Industry, as Lebanon Ford Lincoln Mercury decided to do.

“It truly is amazing what can result through Social Media coupled with a little initiative. It would have been easy to say, “how neat Scott was on our blog today”, but in order to be successful (especially in Social Media) you need to be able to drive deeper into the conversation and explore new opportunities.” Cryder says.

He continues with, ” We came away from our meeting completely impressed, with wealth of knowledge to apply to our work at Lebanon Ford. Not only that, it also shows our growing community we are something more than just a dealership. We’re not just going through the motions; we legitimately care about providing them with quality automotive insight, conversation, and content.”

It is about the quality of service you want to provide your community which needs to be exemplified in everything you do. Personalizing your business and gaining success will be dependent on how much initiative your business is willing to take. Social Media is not difficult; it is only how difficult you make it. Educating yourself on this personable medium and pushing your business forward will be a rewarding experience for you and your community, so think big, capitalize on experiences and find something or someone who inspires you, so you can gain initiative and fight for your rightful spot in Social Media success.

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