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Automotive advertising agencies, who hope to be here tomorrow to apply the technology of today and tomorrow are going to follow their customers a closed car dealer in the ranks of the unemployed. The consolidation of the automotive industry is a necessary reaction to a shrinking economy and the evidence of two basic rules of business – supply must follow demand and survival of the fittest ensures that it will. The secret of survival of automotive advertising agencies and their clients, car dealership in a challenging market is to offer more for less and the technology that is intended to improve Internet sales processes provide efficiencies that will determine the winners and losers.

The integration of real-world advertising car with proven best practices maturing virtual world selling processes that are based on Internet technology development with vision allows automotive advertising agencies to blur the line between the real world of brick and mortar car dealers and new virtual showrooms being built on the Internet superhighway. Automotive Advertising 101 teaches that one must go where their customers are if you want to reach them and with 93% of car buyers confirming that begin the process of buying cars on the Internet that part of the marketing and process Sales is easy. The most difficult for automotive advertising agencies must recognize is that the only constant that has survived on the World Wide Web is human nature. Customers empowered by the accessible information from the Internet and does not depend on auto dealers – real or virtual – to determine which vehicle you buy and which to buy from. Online shoppers looking for a new or used vehicle, not a car dealer, automotive advertising agencies and the need to make push / pull methods of publicity for Pull / Push preferred techniques for an educated consumer.

Of course there is no need to throw out the baby with the bath water! Automotive advertising agencies must use the conventional wisdom built on the stable base of human nature with the support of the efficiencies offered by new applications for the advertising of the car crash through the glass wall of the Internet to preserve both the market share and profits for their auto dealer clients. The easiest way to satisfy the customer and the car dealer – in that order – is to give customers what they want, when they want – immediately – and do it so that customers feel they are buying a vehicle in front for sale one. That's where the use of new technologies for automotive advertising and improving processes related to the sale of entering

Giving customers what they want – which is a car not a car dealer – suggests that automotive advertising agencies must promote individual vehicles on the Internet does, their auto dealer clients. While this may seem contrary to common sense to the children of school age who pretend to be cars sell themselves before they can sell their vehicles, is consistent with the established wisdom also suggests that the car does not sell advertising cars only attracts customers who want to buy one. Quite simply, the best advertisement in the world is worthless if nobody sees it, and because customers are searching the web for private vehicles is the bait that will have to bite the bait that has the auto dealer in the other end of the line.

It is accepted that cars sell cars and brick and mortar car dealers have tended to rows of cars and auto centers to leverage the appeal of having as many vehicles as possible in a place noted for car buyers real world on their own premises.Advertising of leveraging the many dealers in the competition and the added value and convenience of a single window for comparable makes and models in a central location is a value to consumers who have survived on the Internet superhighway. Established inventory third-party Web sites based on a proven place in today's online advertising plans of the car. Most car dealers and trust the influence of inventory collection of literally millions of vehicles from thousands of online car dealers to attract buyers of new and used vehicles. The search engine optimization, SEO, made by these third party sites, along with its localized search engine marketing, SEM, investment from revenues collected from customers of car dealers who participate in these community sites to provide an advantage competitive than any individual trader or even a group of dealer can compete with the greats. The new technologies applied to this business model established promise of even better performance on investment, ROI for auto dealers who participate.

ronsmap is a game changing online car buying / selling site for both consumers and merchants who exemplifies the value of the improvement of existing Internet technologies based platforms in marketing. That makes car buying fast, comprehensive, transparent and straightforward. What makes it unique is its new technology that offers consumers unprecedented purchasing and bargaining power on the car purchase / sale process, including the opportunity to include For Sale By Owner listings. Its unique value for distributors is that they provide an unprecedented level of intelligence in sales leads from consumers, and allows automotive advertising agencies to promote and attract customers through social networks.

With filters of existing search engines and third party sites online buyers have to scroll through lists of hundreds of vehicles while clicking and drilling down on each site, as not all vehicles for sale are added to output in any of the Internet superhighway. Auto dealers who pay more are typically promoted on the lists of top limit competitive comparisons and honest car dealers are often not responsive to general research leads come from these resellers lead. Auto dealers are also challenged by the existing marketing platforms that do not provide the visibility and insights into other vehicles in the interests of consumers discovered during their online shopping trips and communications are often the sales cycle starting in mid long after the initial investigation by the consumer is complete. The ROI for auto dealers for leads purchased from various third-party providers are reduced duplication and smaller dealers are not willing or able to pay for a premium because it can not compete equally with large advertisers in these sites.

ronsmap is a new technology Internet-based solution scheduled to be launched at the 2010 NADA Convention in Orlando, Florida. They provide the influence of inventories of multiple publications in a single map as a search engine was driven by consumer preferences to local places of all vehicles that meet the search criteria of the consumer on the same page, without prejudice to the positions of premiums written by distributors. His patent application provides a level playing field for car dealers, while offering consumers one stop shopping across multiple brands, models and dealers with the added value of comparisons with For Sale By Owner listings.

ronsmap also accommodates the preferences of today's consumer to Pull / Push marketing by integrating a unique application of social networks on its platform. Marketing to consumers in social networks requires resources, tools and skills to complement the existing car dealership supplement online sales efforts.ronsmap offers all these elements into a profitable, scalable way while providing solid market intelligence, not currently offered through other resources.

Its application allows car dealers to multiply vBack leads by leveraging word of mouth, WOM, a phenomenon associated with viral messages distributed through social networks. This patented process engine social media players directly into vehicles available in place of the community, as well as car dealerships individual websites. It extends the scope of auto dealers, promotes consumer confidence through their comments solicited from their friends online in response to its request for comments on its intention to purchase and prompt
ing more consumers to auto dealers on websites.

Another special feature added value provided by new technologies applied by ronsmap is exemplified by its application SellersVantage. It enables auto dealers to reach consumers online in real time early decision cycle. Car dealers offering a comparative view of what other vehicles and property and benefits that the consumer is looking, the availability of market to determine if they have the only vehicle that meets consumer needs expressed and comparative analysis prices to see how they rank in the market before they begin negotiations to improve closure rates and preserve the benefits.

The Intelli-Leads provided by their applications is very strong that go far beyond the typical customer's name, email address, contact information and questions about the vehicle that interests include market information, intelligence, benchmarking, the social demographics and social intelligence to define a vision and allows the dealer to ensure that its first offer in the online trading process is competitive, while maintaining gross profit.

Technology applied to improved marketing platforms as ronsmap addresses new opportunities for auto dealers to improve their ROI for third party suppliers, and to bring the web-based inventory, but do not reflect the benefits it offered value for improve ROI of their SEO individual efforts and improved conversion rates from their own websites. Once again, conventional wisdom must be applied by automotive advertising agencies to do more with less for their auto dealer clients, recognizing the need to establish brand identity and awareness top of mind long-term recognition distributor in the market tempered by the need to increase sales and profits today so auto dealer – and its advertising agency of the automobile – can survive until tomorrow.

Since consumers are looking for cars on the Internet compared to car dealers, it is logical that car dealers are required to publish online vehicle individually. The trick is to get a single vehicle to stand out from the traffic on the Internet Super Highway. Once again, technology has provided the solution.

The video has appeared in the media of choice for today's consumers who grew up watching television and have asked their preference for the video to his attraction to Internet channels such as YouTube and all things video. The role of search engines on the recent emergence of World Wide Web is to facilitate online searches for customers, giving them what they want and as consumers have been selected as video media search engines such as Google election have decided to give them.

The algorithms that Google unit has been adjusted to provide a value to video, a fact that has not escaped the advertising agencies of automotive makers to improve the SEO for their auto dealer clients.Video presentations have appeared on the websites of auto dealers with file names that make keyword phrases to match car dealers along selected sites of online identity with the same meta tags and even be integrated inserted into the search engines via You Tube with their own URL SEO expand auto showrooms virtual showrooms. The value of this enhanced SEO solution is that all these ads come back to the car dealers on websites that supports advertising agencies automobile dealer's desire to build brand and top of mind awareness . The ability to take this discussion to a higher level is performed by applying the same philosophy to broaden the exposure of online dealers for their cars, because, after all, that's what customers are searching online.

SISTER Technologies is a supplier of automotive advertising using cutting-edge proprietary technologies has introduced an automated platform for video production called videocarlot with associated applications such as vShock and VidBrid. They are able to convert the still images on websites and from retailers in the professionally produced videos using the human voice and video images with existing integrated search words, meta tags and URL individually. These finished products are placed in the auto dealers own websites to increase search engine precious and video content are favored individually pushed through its dedicated API with You Tube to send each vehicle linked to all third-party advertisers and search engines directly on the channel on You Tube. From You Tube is a search engine growing second only to its parent, Google SEO improved for the distributor is evident. More importantly, it allows the car dealership to submit their vehicles online consumers from their car dealerships, while anchoring the lead partner for the supply back to the dealer. Once again, technology has provided a successful scenario placing the interests of consumers ahead of the car dealerships at a time to meet the needs of both.

The automotive advertising agencies today who apply cutting-edge automotive technologies advertising tomorrow are guaranteed a seat at the table in the future. Consolidation warranted to the automotive industry has opened for many problems and solutions for the few who are determined to survive. As the fire burns the forest of trees to allow new growth, the key to automotive advertising agencies to grow to survive another day is in the advertising technologies and applications used car today.

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