Social Media

Social Media The first step to building a Social Media presence is to have a direction. Having a Social Media marketing plan can position your business to grow quickly utilizing the power of the millions of individuals checking in to their social media profiles everyday.

Peer Marketing Group is a skilled Social Media Marketing Company. We build custom strategies that will allow you to develop a conversation with potential customers while gently encouraging them to view your website. We can audit your current social media presence and work with your current marketing team to build your stagnant web presence into a dynamic one!

If you are looking to develop a voice for your company, enhance your current brand, or drive a flood of potential customers to your website, we can help. We have successfully strategized, overseen and implemented properly-run Facebook contests, Blog contests and creative design contests for our clients.

We are a group of business professionals with the insight into developing a Social Media campaign that will deliver a positive return on investment. We are able to track the information and provide custom reports showing the results of your social media campaign.

Contact us today, to see how we can help you use the power of social media to build trustworthiness, establish credibility, and obtain new customers.

Website Design

DESIGN We approach website design from the unique perspective, with a business background we deduce your client’s desires and custom tailor the website to perform. Building an online presence is secondary to having a website that can perform the function that the business needs.


Business Listing

Fitting for most small and medium businesses, the business listing website puts a business on the map. The purpose of a business listing website may be to convey a message to a perspective client, or to provide the correct contact information when a client is searching for the company. While a business listing website may have a lead generation form on it, the main purpose is simple… Be Seen Online.


Lead Gen / Landing Page

Lead Generation / Landing Pages are the best solution if you are running an advertising campaign, using a QR code, or looking to make a sale online. These are sleek, single paged, fast loading information delivery websites that are designed to do one thing… Close a Sale!



Educational Websites are dissimilar to other sites in one way, size. The idea of an educational website is to build an online reference for potential clients. Educational websites can be comprised of articles, videos, audio and references. It is usually a combination of media that aggregate on a website creating what webmasters call and Authority Domain.



Sell, Sell, Sell. If that’s what you want your website to do, that’s what we can make it. It is often our clients preference to integrate a simple online checkout system like PayPal or Google Checkout, however we can integrate almost any merchant account into our dynamic e-commerce websites. The Internet has quickly become the new “downtown market” so open up your store today!

Public Relations

PR Public Relations is the backbone of any strong marketing campaign. Traditional media doesn’t reach the public like it once did, today’s audience is everywhere: from search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing; to social media like Facebook and Twitter; to innumerable blogs, websites, and emerging devices and media sources.  Public relations with the Peer Marketing Group is about identifying your target “public” and creating the best strategies to build solid relationships.

Media Relations

Media has become split with the rise of the Blogger and Social Media. There is currently traditional media and new media, and both have to be approached with different ideas in individual ways.

With traditional media (TV, Newspaper, Magazines) we build a story and “pitch” the concept of a story to the individual editors. We find that traditional media is less interested in the new buzz and more interested in a well researched story with strong ties to the community it serves.

With new media (Blogs, Social Media, News Aggregators) a completely different approach is necessary. We take the approach of breaking a leak or a secret where they will get exclusive coverage of the story first. With the Internet, it’s the first one to break a story that receives all the traffic.

Press Releases

Our overnight online press releases can be spread to thousands of websites while you sleep. Well-written press releases can build a positive image, boost company exposure, and broadcast the awareness of your brand. Online press releases are picked up by mainstream media, industry websites, online publications, social media and blogs. Another benefit includes a boost in the search engine optimization linking to your website.

Reputation Management

In today’s fast new media online reviews and critical bloggers can sink a business faster than traditional media ever could. Our search engine experts monitor the online forums, blogs and social media sites for your business to stay ahead of any positive or negative comments by adding other comments, submitting a press release or drowning the website in other positive media we create.

It’s important for a company dealing with the public to keep an eye on it’s “temperature”. We bridge the gap and monitor your customer’s feelings and comments by taking action instantly and reporting any actions. With the world becoming more connected, the competition and processes for building online relations to increase business are more diverse and difficult than ever. Peer Marketing Group provides PR online in a way your audience will receive and embrace it.

Branding & Logo Design

BRANDING A logo is not your brand, nor is it your corporate identity. Logo Design, Identity Design and Branding all have different roles, together these items form a perceived image for a business or product.

Positioning and Message Development:

With clear communication between the client, Peer Marketing Group will build and manage a brand model and provide messaging that defines and builds the company’s corporate brand, and also specializes in messaging for individual products and services.

Crowd Sourcing:

A strong campaign doesn’t rely on guesswork. We work closely with market research / crowd sourcing agencies to develop hard data that can be built upon into successful branding campaigns. With crowd sourcing, the companies campaigns and ideas can be analyzed and criticized by unbiased groups that are in the target demographics. Peer Marketing Group can get the idea in front of a mass amount of people so you can understand what may or may not be successful in the long run.

Brand Exposure

Once everything is in place, Peer Marketing Group will consult on what directions to take to get the most exposure for the brand through public relations and online marketing.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO Our Advanced Search Engine Optimization and Blog Marketing techniques are always in front of the algorithmic changes in today’s search engines. We give websites more exposure online, visibility to potential clients and opportunities to build the online presence. Focusing our efforts on building up the website’s quality score, we develop back-linking programs that will build more credibility in the website as time passes.

Marketing – SEO

[SEO] Search Engine Optimization is the practice of recognizing what your potential clients are searching for and optimizing your website to deliver that content in a way that the search engines view as “relevant”.

To build a business online it is a must to strategically develop a strong online presence in the search engines. There are over 17 billion searches online every month and the Internet is becoming saturated by scams. To reach your potential customers that are seeking your service or product it is often advised that the best long term solution is search engine optimization.

Display Advertising

We create attractive, proven design concepts that build your brand and increase traffic. We implement testing to make your display ad banners have a higher click-through rate and a bigger return on investment.

Conversion Optimization

Conversion optimization is about more than just nice design and catchy text. We test all of that relentlessly to increase leads and sales from individual landing pages and websites. By creating various designs, colors, call to actions and content we are able to find out which delivers more leads/sales.

Website Content

Our writers make sure every word on your site sells your product, builds your brand, answers the visitor’s question and solves their problem — while at the same time, stays friendly to the search engines. It’s a mixture of art, problem solving and science. And our writers love doing it.

Email Marketing

Recent studies show that email marketing has a higher ROI than buying banner advertisements or Pay Per Click campaigns. We help create that message and use variable testing and tracking technology to make changes on each email to help deliver a high ROI.

Analytics and Reports

This is the magic of online marketing. Through analytics, we track the success and failures of each campaign. We’ll show you where the traffic is coming from, what visitors are doing on your site, and your return on investment from each dollar you spend.