Search Engine Optimization


Search engine optimization is a term that describes the act of tailoring a website/marketing campaign to be discovered by those prospective clients searching the Internet.

Our Advanced Search Engine Optimization and Blog Marketing techniques are always in front of the algorithmic changes in today’s search engines. We give websites more exposure online, visibility to potential clients and opportunities to build the online presence. Focusing our efforts on building up the website’s quality score, we develop back-linking programs that will build more credibility in the website as time passes.

We optimize the website a number of ways, most notably the background coding and site map design that allows the search engine algorithm to find and attribute the correct keyword phrases to each individual page. Often we will consult with business owners while selecting a website domain, as the domain name plays an important role in search engine ranking. Finally the copy of a website is constructed strategically to incorporate multiple keywords and keyword phrases alike. We have all of our clients website copy written by an American (or native to the clients country) college graduate communications director. This ensures the clients message is not lost in the pursuit of the correct keyword repetition.

When structuring a seo marketing campaign, we focus on developing a diverse set of links to our target domain. With constant changes to google’s algorithm we support only the ethical marketing of a website where we do not spam our links. Developing the diverse group of links mean we incorporate: education .edu links, government .gov links, links from wiki pages, social media links such as Facebook and twitter, social bookmarking links such as Digg and StumbleUpon, and more varieties. A key factor to a successful back-linking campaign is the word that is linked back to the site or the “anchor keyword”.

Marketing – SEO

[SEO] Search Engine Optimization is the practice of recognizing what your potential clients are searching for and optimizing your website to deliver that content in a way that the search engines view as “relevant”.

To build a business online it is a must to strategically develop a strong online presence in the search engines. There are over 17 billion searches online every month and the Internet is becoming saturated by scams. To reach your potential customers that are seeking your service or product it is often advised that the best long term solution is search engine optimization.

Display Advertising

We create attractive, proven design concepts that build your brand and increase traffic. We implement testing to make your display ad banners have a higher click-through rate and a bigger return on investment.

Conversion Optimization

Conversion optimization is about more than just nice design and catchy text. We test all of that relentlessly to increase leads and sales from individual landing pages and websites. By creating various designs, colors, call to actions and content we are able to find out which delivers more leads/sales.

Website Content

Our writers make sure every word on your site sells your product, builds your brand, answers the visitor’s question and solves their problem — while at the same time, stays friendly to the search engines. It’s a mixture of art, problem solving and science. And our writers love doing it.

Email Marketing

Recent studies show that email marketing has a higher ROI than buying banner advertisements or Pay Per Click campaigns. We help create that message and use variable testing and tracking technology to make changes on each email to help deliver a high ROI.

Analytics and Reports

This is the magic of online marketing. Through analytics, we track the success and failures of each campaign. We’ll show you where the traffic is coming from, what visitors are doing on your site, and your return on investment from each dollar you spend.