Post image for Review – Online File Storage is an online file storage system that allows you to keep files/folders synchronized in the cloud or across different computers. is one of those services I REALLY want to like. Unfortunately, it just never seems to work out for me. allows you to share and synchronize files with other people across the internet/cloud. For customers who upgrade to the business or enterprise level, desktop synchronization is a key feature you pick up. The thing that most excited me about the service was integration with Google Apps for domains. However what I learned after trying was that you need to have a minimum three person license, which puts you at per month for the service. To be honest, the feature that most appealed to me was the seamless synchronization that occurs when you use an iPad and Google Documents as shown in the video below:

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However, a full year of is going to cost 0. It’s not going to help me make 0 in extra revenue, and it’s not going to save me time that’s worth 0, so it’s not an expense I can justify. The product is great and the service works perfectly, but the minimum 3 person license just doesn’t make sense for me, so I’ve stopped using the product. If you have three or more users, however, this is absolutely something I can recommend, especially if they are iPad users. If not, I’d recommend the competing service of Dropbox (see my review). There is an extra step when working with Google Documents, but IMHO it’s not a step that’s worth 0.
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Review – Online File Storage

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