The implosion of Digg is happening. It is an unstoppable conclusion to events that have been in motion since last week and will continue until the full implosion event similar to to the final shrinking of the universe.

Then, today, it changed. Digg’s front page algorithm started resembling the old promotion algorithm. Familiar sources absent from the Digg front page for a week came back.

Everything went better than expected.

As promised, time-stamps have returned to stories, including how long a story has been in Top News and when a story was actually submitter.

The axles seem to be breaking less and less.

Users are almost frolicking, submitting content to Digg rather than Reddit, Mixx, and anywhere else that would have them.

Today, things almost seem normal for Digg.

We’ll monitor the situation. There’s still a certain level of trepidation. Could it be real? Only time will tell.

Soshable | Social Media Blog

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