We need help. This is a story that needs to be done properly with strong research and unbiased execution.

There are two possible headlines, and they can even be combined into point-counterpoint style if appropriate.

  • Facebook’s is Successful Because of Mark Zuckerberg
  • Facebook is Successful In Spite of Mark Zuckerberg

Those are the choices.

Success is definitely being judged by sheer size at this point. Financial, influential, and historical success are debatable, but nobody can deny that Facebook is huge and growing. Despite a planned “Quit Facebook Day” yesterday, the numbers continue to rise and more people joined yesterday than deleted.

If you know someone who car write all or part of this piece, please email JD Rucker. I would do it myself, but again I want this piece to be done the justice it deserves. It’s a good question and there are conflicting facts, including:

  1. 500 million users on a site created by a guy who admittedly didn’t really know what he was doing and may still not
  2. Outrage over privacy, yet very little action being take by the users
  3. Nobody claims to want to join but eventually everyone does

The list can go on forever, so I want a person or people willing to put the effort in and come up with compelling, researched information about one side, the other, or both.


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