Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing Services

Mobile phone offer revolutionary new opportunities to your business. There’s great potential in the users of smart phones and tablet computers, all of whom are using their mobile phones to find products and services they need.

We offer turn-key solutions that specializes in Mobile web development and Mobile Search Engine Optimization to drive traffic through mobile phones.

Mobile phones are almost always on and accessible virtually everywhere. This is what makes making the mobile market the most dynamic Internet marketing platform. With deep engagement, minimal ad clutter and an enhanced Internet marketing experience, mobile marketing is the best way to reach mobile users looking for your business.

The Mobile Opportunity

The mobile marketplace is growing exponentially. In the coming years, mobile search will be a bigger market than traditional search. In 2012, mobile search will make up more than a quarter of global searches. eMarketer predicts more than 150 million people will search the web on their mobile phones in 2014, an increase from 85.6 million in 2010. Now is the time to tap into the mobile market.

The benefits of tapping into the mobile market include:
• A Less competitive market than traditional search
• Great chance to dominate your space in the mobile market
• Customers have constant access to mobile phones
• Less clutter to drown out your message
• Greater immediacy to meet customer needs
• Personalized calls-to-action

The Benefits of Mobile Internet Marketing

Mobile search builds on the basic techniques of traditional SEO but consists of a number of additional factors designed to capitalize on mobile design and functionality.

Our Mobile SEO program builds exponentially on all the advances made in SEO, local search, video and social media. We use core optimization tactics such as title tag and meta tag optimization, keyword density, HTML layout and link development.

Our Mobile SEO program also includes tactics specifically designed for smart phones so you get targeted mobile traffic. These

Mobile SEO tactics include:
• Mobile keyword selection
• Mobile onsite optimization
• Mobile local search optimization
• Mobile sitemaps
• Mobile website link generation

Mobile Optimized Website

Providing a Mobile optimized experience is fast becoming a requirement for all businesses. The challenge today is that the Mobile landscape consists of a number of competing technology platforms, including Android, iPhone and BlackBerry. Rather than building apps for each of these platforms, it is often cheaper and easier to build a Mobile website that can be universally accessed by all sites and all web users.

Our mobile website development team simplifies the mobile experience for your clients and allows them to quickly access and navigate your mobile site. We use innovative mobile calls-to-action and social media integration tools for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to help make your site go viral. We help you create a custom mobile site in minutes!

In just 3 easy steps, you can build a free customized mobile website that helps your business harness the power of a mobile phone to reach new customers like never before.

All you do is:
1. Choose a template for your mobile site
2. Customize your design
3. Add your content

Copy and paste a line of code in your index page, and you have a fully functional mobile site. Mobile users will be automatically directed to your mobile site. The load time is fast so your prospects find your mobile optimized content and calls-to-action in a split second.

Now mobile users never have to leave your mobile site! They get instant access to the mobile content they want. You’ll offer faster load times, an enhanced customer experience, better security and an increased conversion rate.