Microsite Design

Microsite Design

Microsites are more than just mini Web sites-they’re targeted micro Web sites with a specific purpose. The content could be campaign specific, product specific, engineered for specific search traffic or something else, also specific. We might, for example, build a group of microsites focused on specific benefits a product or service offers.

For example, Nike has microsites that are sport specific: running, basketball, baseball, football, soccer, tennis, etc. These microsites attract prospective customers looking for information, gear or apparel for these specific sports.

Microsites are at the top of the sales funnel, often the first point of contact a prospect has with your brand. They are extremely important for starting a dialogue. They must engage.

Microsite design strategy

There is an art and science to strategizing microsites. It’s important that choices are made with your prospects and customers in mind-their goals and objectives. Our process for developing microsites is adapted from our overall Web site design process, so you get the benefits of usability and search engine ready coding right from the start.