Landing Page Design

Landing Page Design

Purpose built for Internet marketing conversion

Landing pages are like runways. Solid with a clear direction or intent. A prospect has already responded to one call-to-action when he arrives on your landing page, whatever he clicked to get there. At the Peer Marketing Group, we engineer landing pages for optimal creative performance. The goal? To make the prospect take the next step.

Strategizing the Land

When designing a landing page, we are your prospects and customers. We’re playing the role as though we’re going for the Academy Award, with a full understanding of the specific target audience. We ask ourselves: What information do I need to make this decision? What will convince me that this product or service is right for me?

The Science of Success

Behind the stats and the metrics is a team of technologists running the numbers through their analysis mill. Out the other side, emerge the optimal key messages, form options and calls-to-action. It’s a formula to maximize conversion.