Lach Orthodontics

Lach Orthodontics SEO Case Study


Product: Orthodontics

Campaign: Search Engine Optimization

Time Frame: April 2010

Background: The website has been around for 10 years and against a competitive keyword “Orlando Orthodontist”. Dr. Lach’s website had not reached the #1 position under Google’s keyword in that time.

Challenge: The medical fields for cosmetic dentistry are competitive keywords on Google. Each dentist and oral surgeon that is competing for the top spot has an SEO company assisting them. We were competing for the #1 position under Google’s search for “Orlando Orthodontist” where there were no less than 5 other competitors who were actively campaigning.

Strategy: The website was custom made by a web developer not working with our organization and was not “optimized” for SEO. We identified the following SEO-related deficiencies with the site:

Then, we began monthly optimization of the site including research, link building, and on and off-page optimization to help Dr. Lach drive more traffic to their website, and ultimately, their services.

Results: We succeeded in record time under a highly competitive keyword. Dr. Lach’s website shot to the #1 spot in under a month and successfully held that spot.

Keyword Google Rankings Before SEO Google Rankings After SEO Page in Google After SEO
Orlando Orthodontist 5 1 1
Orthodontist Orlando FL 7 2 1