There are three camps into which every company in the world falls:

  • Those who don’t know or don’t care about social media
  • Those who care about social media and think it can be useful
  • Those who think social media can be the backbone of the company

If you were to break it down by percentages, the “Social Media is the Backbone” camp would most likely be the smallest. While business owners are starting to agree that social media has a place in their business, few would be willing to bet the farm on it. They are prudent, thoughtful, and wise.

Then again, many of them (depending on the type of company) would be incorrect.

For businesses big and small, social media has the ability to be THE backbone. It can assist in most areas of operations, sales, and marketing, and can streamline everything from the day-to-day affairs to long term implementation. I believe this. I’ve seen it.

Unfortunately, I can’t prove it.

I need proof. Help. Case studies. Examples.

I need proof.

Above, you will find an amazing infographic from Elliance. This is relatively old, but it holds true today more than it did when it was made.

Now, I have a request. I need people who have seen the tremendous potential of social media come true for them. I would like to gather as much data as I can to back up my claim. I believe it down to the core, but I need more than the few I know who have seen the success. If you’re that person or know someone who has, please feel free to contact me: JD Rucker.

* * *

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