First Choice Reporting

First Choice Reporting SEO Case Study


Product: Court Reporting Service

Campaign: webmaster, search engine optimization

Time Frame: July 2009- Current

Background: Since 1997, First Choice Reporting has polished its expertise as Florida’s premiere court reporting services firm. Setting the industry standard for professionalism isn’t just a tagline, it’s what they do.

Challenge: In Central Florida court reporting is a very competitive industry with more than one large firm. They are all maximizing their marketing efforts to become the most recognized. The folks at First Choice Reporting knew they’d have to go above and beyond the usual marketing strategies if they wanted to stand out in a super-crowded market. So they did something their competitors weren’t doing: Search Engine Marketing.

Strategy: The website was custom made by a web developer not working with our organization and was not “optimized” for SEO. We identified the following SEO-related deficiencies with the First Choice site:

Then, we began monthly optimization of the site including research, link building, and on and off-page optimization to help First Choice drive more traffic to their website, and ultimately, their services.

Results: Our SEO efforts paid off quickly for First Choice!  Their link popularity, or the total number of links or “votes” that the Search Engines found for their website, increased by 143%.  (Side note: Link popularity is one of the best ways to quantifiably and independently measure your website’s online awareness and overall visibility.)  Overall unique visitors for the site went up 35% and all the pages on the website were quickly indexed by Google!

Other key stats include:

Search Engine Referrals +132%

Pages Indexed by Google +30%

Keyword Google Rankings Before SEO Google Rankings After SEO Page in Google After SEO
Orlando Reporting Not in Top 20 1 1
Orlando Court Reporting Not in Top 20 1 1
Florida Court Reporters Not in Top 20 1 1
Tampa Court Reporters Not in Top 20 1 1