A new CEO. Kevin Rose making promises of upcoming changes. A brand new ox-related error page. Things are looking up for Digg.

Then again, they couldn’t look any worse than they have been for the last few days.

Several things have happened today.

While all of this may be humorous and somewhat sad, the first quote by the new Digg CEO is possibly telling as it’s the first time anyone at Digg acknowledged “content curation” as a need at Digg.

“The launch of version 4 was a big moment for Digg and I believe in the potential of this new platform. There is so much innovation yet to come — being the best in the world at curating news means solving the information overload we all experience every day. The Digg team has already made great strides in this direction and there is much more ahead. I’m excited to join such a talented team and such a vibrant Digg community.”

Is this double-speak for “our publisher-driven algorithm is going to be force-fed to you as the content curator,” or is he really listening to MrBabyMan’s plea?

Only time will tell.

Soshable | Social Media Blog

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