Web development

Your Digital Magnet

The digitization of information and automation of business functions online across industries has created an on-demand culture. Whatever your business, your prospects and customers expect a new, anytime, anywhere level of interaction online that you must meet to stay competitive. Our web development team specializes in data-driven Web applications tailored to the specific functionality requirements of your business. Whether you need self-service account access for your customer-base, online ordering systems or an e-commerce enterprise, we build expert, custom and scalable applications to meet the demand of this digital age and to grow as your business grows.

The science approach

Our Web development approach is a methodical process adapted from the Rational Unified Process and tailored for each specific set of functions, from requirements planning to Web application development. We don’t create Web sites. We create user experiences. Customers and prospects come to your Web site for a reason. Our primary goal is to optimize its usability. Our approach helps us understand how people interact with technology first, then how we can achieve the most pleasant, easy-to-use experience for your best customers and prospects.

The art approach

When crafting the look and feel, voice and tone and creative composition of a Web site, we’re dealing with more than aesthetics. The subtle elements of design and arrangement of words affect engagement and conversion, sometimes dramatically. The creative process we undertake is not self-serving to please our design preferences but user-serving to engage end-users, both consciously and unconsciously. We achieve this through a process of creative evolution-an iterative process with constant feedback and adjustments based on multi-variate testing.

The integrated approach

Digital Magnet user-centered methodology

The experience of the end user, your customer, is to choose what he or she wants, whether it’s information, entertainment, community or a product or service. Their need for information is self-selecting their way to you. They see you, they like you, they select you-it’s a natural form of self-expression. It’s just a happy coincidence to have found what they’re looking for in you.

But this is not about luck. The happy coincidence is actually a carefully engineered user experience from start to finish-designed by the same natural forces that keep the planets aligned, the same push and pull or attraction and promotion.

It’s like a compass-once a prospect is attracted and lands on your Web site, magnetic forces under the surface work to help him orient himself, engage and move in the right direction.