Internet Marketing Design

The best web design is clean, intuitive and user-friendly.

At the Peer Marketing Group, we design beautiful Web sites that work. We measure beauty not in a subjective, biased manner but by the pillars of effective Web site creation: Usability and Creative Performance. We look at what works and we adjust designs accordingly. You’ve probably visited a few flashy Web sites that you couldn’t figure out how to navigate or a few boring Web sites that have a lot of sophisticated technology built in, but only a rocket scientist can figure it out.

Usability and creative performance

To measure what works, we have to know all about who has to use your Web site-your customers. When we design for ease of use for your prospects and customers, we get what we like to call Creative Performance: Web sites that convert visitors into customers.

We promote your Web site with search marketing and Interactive media options that drive traffic. Once a visitor hits your home page, it becomes about attraction. They are there to interact with and use your Web site in order to achieve some specific goal. The subtleties of attracting, prompting and inducing your visitor down a self-selected path on your Web site involves a combination of art and science. It’s about the art of empowering your prospects and customers with choices while scientifically engineering a conduit to channel them where they want to go, where they’re most likely to convert.

Our Internet marketing design philosophy

Our approach is different. Our teams are organized with marketers and technologists working side-by-side so you get the best of both worlds. Great design comes from our core principles:

User interface design

User interface (UI) design is an important piece of the user experience. It’s not about cosmetics-it’s more than skin deep. Design is driven by strategy and is specifically tailored to the unique goals and requirements of your business. We spend a lot of time and energy in discovery, research and strategic planning before we ever put pen to paper.

Internet Marketing Design Projects