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Web Analytics Services
The Peer Marketing Group provide a number of web analytic services for companies, business and marketing agencies. We use the best analytics package that suits your business to assist visitor analysis and provide useful marketing information for clients. We have clients who will only use Google Analytics solutions and other firms that are more flexible and allow for multiple analytics solutions.

Setup Google Analytics
The Peer Marketing Group has the experience to help you setup Google Analytics as our director has set it up on over 250 websites and can also assist with correctly linking the Analytic profile to your Ad-Words campaigns data. We can also ensure you are able to use Google Analytics to track goals, conversions, onsite search and events on your site. Since Google Analytics controls around 54% of the web analytics market it is one of the best solutions for business when looking at a hosted analytics solution.

Website Visitor Analysis

The Peer Marketing Group can use your existing Google Analytic account and data with a set period of time analyze what is happening, possible issues with what is captured, what is not filtered out or where you might be able to improve your analytics for better future analysis.

Often many web design firms don’t know how to understand the analytics data or how to make best use of what they have gathered to improve the user experience or your business revenue. It can be a common mistake for many web design firms setup an analytics account and forget about it and just put it in the too hard basket, but we can help make sense of the data for you if they can’t.

Web Analytics Analysis & Reporting
We can offer detail analysis of your current analytics packages and provide simple reporting or templates based on your business requirements. Is visitor location important for marketing, does accounts want to know value of transactions, does management want to know growth figures for particular categories or products or does IT need site errors flagged.

3rd Party Website Analytics Options
We can supply and support other options besides Google Analytics such as Omniture, webtrends, Clickable, Mint, Yahoo Analytics, Piwik, Unica or Woopra.  depending on your requirements and type of technology used to build your site. We will use the best analytics solution or multiple analytics solutions to help understand your website visitors. There is no reason why a website has to use just one web analytics solution,as most US companies are using 2-3 applications to get the best benefits/features of each.  To get an understanding of the limitations of many of these other analytics solutions we have used up-to 8 web analytics tools on our previous website.

Advice on Web Analytics Services
If you have not used any analytics solutions before or want to know the best analytics solution for your site, we can help. The best solution can depend on if you have a a very large and dynamic website, complicated onsite search, or require more detailed user level activity within web documents or multiple pieces of content such as PDF’s, video or flash to track.  Most web analytics solutions can do a majority of this but being able to understand a products limits and how to customize what is tracked/captured to make the data usable requires detailed understanding and accurate advice.

Analytics testing with Website Optimizer
We have used Google Analytics to setup testing and provide feedback on proposed website changes before web designers are engaged to rebuild landing pages or contact pages. We use can Multi-variant or A/B Testing on your websites depending on the number of elements being tested and that the website receives a minimum number of website visitors to make the data accurate. Website Optimizer is a very powerful tool built into Google Analytics which allows our analyst to test changes to onsite text, colors, logos or images and how it affects user behavior and even its impact on website goals/sales.

Implement Google Analytics
Some clients don’t require all the bells and whistles such as custom reporting, advanced segmentation, advanced filters, onsite search, goals or e-commerce tracking so we are able to assist with these quick and effective implementations of Google Analytics on a prepaid hourly rate.  Once we get access to the CMS/FTP of your website we are able to get most setups done within a few hours.

MSN Analytics

Microsoft used to provide their own web analytics a tool that is based on Deep Matrix technology that did provide a number of complex but useful options for tracking visitor behavior which other packages didn’t offer. The benefit of using the Deep Matrix technology was that MSN Analytics was able to offer more advanced analysis information to analysts who used their software. Reluctantly MSN Analytics was closed down late in 2009 and their team advise clients to please switch to another solution such as Google Analytics.