There are varieties of software’s that can assist with organizing your company and sometimes it is difficult to figure out which one will best suit you. In the age of getting social – perhaps the smartest move would be to have the two integrate as one.

Many companies use Salesforce, a software that helps maintain, manage and communicate throughout your business and gives users the ability to ensure the project at hand goes to the correct employee and department. Salesforce is a great way to get organized and an opportunity to see how all of your departments are doing with their work flow. With this ease, it will make tasks faster to complete and for the business owner, the ability to over-see completion.

This software has become more social as well and looking to you to add it within your time spent on Salesforce with its new feature “Chatter”. Businesses around the world have started using this new way to collaborate and have seen results.

Some improving their work-flow from closing 10 tasks a day to 40 which is a huge hike in productivity and ultimately, success. Others have said that it has provided better insight to their company and raising sales as well.

Can getting social at work truly improve your quality of work?

According to Salesforce, Chatter can help your company find hidden connections, follow sales deals, receive instant answers to questions, stay connected with your colleagues, unite your team, collaborate on presentations, and find customer references.

The abilities through using this Facebook/Twitter like look and feel of a social network, Chatter also allows your company to streamline world wide communication on global accounts, share sales tactics, find a competitive expert and make a smooth transition from sales to service. Ultimately it seems as though Salesforce’s Chatter will help you deliver a smile to a customer as well as keep your employees interacting and working as a team.

This innovative thinking may be exactly what you need to help with off-site employees, keeping informed regularly of what is happening in and with your company and perhaps even freshen up your business, which could then rejuvenate your employees.

It has been proven that 53% of people will use Social Networks for business; with a whopping 46% of people using Social Networks while at work for personal reasons. Perhaps Chatter is the perfect way to intrigue your employees to engage again on working while still fulfilling their need to engage with people while at work.

Do you use Chatter? Or will you?


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