Very Short Movies

Very Short Movies Case Study


Product: Short Film Website

Campaign: Internet Marketing Consulting

Time Frame: August 2009

Background: Very Short Movies had grown a loyal niche following of film lovers online. The sole proprietor was looking towards the future and deciding the best way to monazite his site without driving away his viewing audience. The steady growth of the site made it a perfect platform for monetization and he brought our group in to discuss options. 

Challenge: Monetizing a site such as Very Short Movies proved to be a challenge. The first challenge was a lack of accurate statistics and analytics. The second challenge was the viewership was largely dependent on getting the content for free. We tackled each problem and came up with viable long term solutions that would make the website money.

Strategy: Since we did not design or develop their site, we found that it was in need of modifications for monetization. We recommended in itemized form a list of changes to be made to their web site. In addition to modifications on the website we put together a recommended list of ways to start earning money from advertising as soon as the next day for them.

The site has very strong potential and we feel that given a good base there is plenty of room now for sponsorship opportunities as well as advertising revenue.