Skubiak & Rivas

Skubiak & Rivas Website Design and SEO Case Study


Product: Traffic Law Firm

Campaign: Search Engine Optimization, Marketing Consulting  and Website Design

Time Frame: April 2010 – Current

Background: This forward thinking law firm knew the power that using Google and a perfectly optimized website as a lead generating engine. They have tried everything from Yellowpages to Pay-Per-Click with little or no success. The pay-per-click campaign had a conversion rate of 1.5% at it’s height and cost a few hundred dollars per month to run. They put their trust in our marketing team to do better.

Challenge: Law is a complicated market for a marketing company to tackle because of the regulations that are in place. With our team we were up against some heavy competition both locally and state-wide, both of which had Search Engine Optimization teams of their own. The first keyword that we had our sights set on was “Orlando Speeding Ticket” which had a significant amount of traffic.

Strategy: We custom made the website to be simple/to the point and made to convert visitors into leads. Here are a few points on how we optimized the website for lead capture.

With these changes the conversion rate went from 1.5% to 6.5% within a week of the launch.

We took an aggressive stance on Search Engine Optimization with a Link Wheel backlinking campaign. Each week a new Link Wheel comprised of articles, videos and web 2.0 profiles both linked to each other and back to the site created a highly valuable backlinking strategy.

Results: We succeeded in record time under a highly competitive keyword. The website shot to the #1 spot in under a month and successfully held that spot.

Keyword Google Rankings Before SEO Google Rankings After SEO Page in Google After SEO
Orlando Speeding Ticket 3 1
Orlando Traffic Ticket 4 1