Branding & Logo Design

BRANDING A logo is not your brand, nor is it your corporate identity. Logo Design, Identity Design and Branding all have different roles, together these items form a perceived image for a business or product.


Positioning and Message Development:

With clear communication between the client, Peer Marketing Group will build and manage a brand model and provide messaging that defines and builds the company’s corporate brand, and also specializes in messaging for individual products and services.

Crowd Sourcing:

A strong campaign doesn’t rely on guesswork. We work closely with market research / crowd sourcing agencies to develop hard data that can be built upon into successful branding campaigns. With crowd sourcing, the companies campaigns and ideas can be analyzed and criticized by unbiased groups that are in the target demographics. Peer Marketing Group can get the idea in front of a mass amount of people so you can understand what may or may not be successful in the long run.

Brand Exposure

Once everything is in place, Peer Marketing Group will consult on what directions to take to get the most exposure for the brand through public relations and online marketing.