Affiliate Marketing

The goal of the Peer Marketing Group Affiliate Marketing division is to generate quality leads and sales for clients on a performance basis. With us, you pay only for successful sales and leads that make you money.

With so many different methods of online advertising available today, it can be difficult to figure out what services will benefit you the most. Through affiliate marketing, Peer Marketing Group can extend the reach of your existing PPC, SEO and SMO campaigns beyond the reach of major brands. Affiliate marketing programs use many different methods of promotion. Peer Marketing Group will implement the right strategy for your business to drive targeted traffic to your website that convert into leads and sales. Peer Marketing Group manages the entire affiliate marketing process from start to finish, increasing your company’s profits and overall success.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

The process starts with research into your market and company goals. Through this analysis, Peer Marketing Group will work with you to create a desired commission level that fits with your own sales metrics to create a profitable campaign. Once you are ready to start Peer Marketing Group can develop creative, custom affiliate marketing tools for banners, widgets, text links and more to arm affiliates with the tools they need to succeed. Further, Peer Marketing Group will work closely with your company to develop exclusive affiliate marketing business promotions that will drive converting traffic to your site.

Affiliate Quality Optimization

After the campaign starts, Peer Marketing Group works with your sales team to track the leads and sales to manage ROI on an ongoing basis. Through continual management of this internet marketing affiliate program, lead and sale quality is maximized while fraud, substandard leads, and in-process losses are minimized. Peer Marketing Group will identify the geographic regions, traffic sources and demographics that do not convert well and actively seek to minimize them, while pushing the traffic sources that do convert. Affiliates that perform well are rewarded and Peer Marketing Group works closely with them so your campaign succeeds.

Brand Management

Peer Marketing Group can work with your firm to ensure that affiliates comply with your corporate standards for brand image and message. In addition, affiliates will be managed to ensure that their marketing methods complement other marketing channels in your campaigns. With the ever-growing scrutiny of companies represented on the Internet, Peer Marketing Group understands that the importance of ensuring marketing efforts put the best foot forward online.

Why Should You Work With Peer Marketing Group?

At Peer Marketing Group we actively seek to understand the big picture for your company whether it is making the greatest back-end profit, increasing exposure and capturing customers or just driving leads. With quick program turnaround, performance incentives, broad reach into the market and a vested interest in maximizing your ROI, Peer Marketing Group works harder than any firm to bring you the return you need at an attractive price.