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Online marketeers that know how to work that secret voodoo

The Peer Marketing Group offers a consultative approach to online marketing that our clients find refreshing. We listen to our clients to learn exactly what are their objectives. Through our proven processes, we collaborate with our clients to truly understand where they are and where they want to be next month, next year, and in 5 years.

As Internet Marketing consultants with a rich understanding of the related marketing disciplines, we know that all of our online marketing solutions are custom solutions. We understand that everybody’s business is different.

Our Internet Marketing services are more fully explained throughout this site and include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay per Click (PPC) Management, Ecommerce and Website Design, Social Media Optimization, Conversion Optimization, Reputation Management, HTML5 Programming and Email Marketing.

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Fusing Internet Marketing and Public Relations into one

Peer Marketing Group is an Internet Marketing and Public Relations agency that does everything including mowing your lawn. We might even do your dishes. Because a clean kitchen makes for clean marketing.

Seriously, though, we really don’t have time to wash your dishes. That’s your job. And you’re probably much better at it anyway. We still are haunted by our mothers yelling at us to put our dishes in the dishwasher.

You stick to mowing your lawn and doing the dishes and we’ll stick to what we do best: Creating a message and effectively getting that message to the right audience. Or in other words, building your brand online.

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Marketing is PR and PR is Marketing

The future of marketing is inextricably linked to the growth of public relations. The new digital and social age is about building meaningful relationships with consumers. When done right, this turns consumers into customers and customers into brand ambassadors.


It’s what many other PR firms say they do well. But most are stuck in an archaic rut. They spin stories, use a lot of complicated sentences and fill each paragraph with buzzwords that annoy editors, writers and readers. They basically write stuff that nobody wants to read.

They spam journalists and call it “distribution.” They snail-mail press releases. They attach press releases to their e-mails. They think social media is just starting a Twitter or Facebook account. And they do a lot of other things that just don’t make sense anymore.

Public relations is about relating to the public. Most PR companies don’t know what that means anymore.

That’s what the Peer Marketing Group is all about. It’s about reaching the right audience in the right way. It’s about telling stories and making them stick. That’s what we do. And that’s what we do really well. That’s in essence all we are.

Revenue-Boosting Results; With Proof

Revenue. It’s the real reason why you should pay us to build your brand. We’ll get results and we’ll give you proof. You’ll see where your brand has been online, who’s talking about you and how many more sales we bring you.

Our Experience Drives Results

We have award-winning journalists, designers, marketing geniuses and a deep team of online marketeers that know how to work that secret voodoo we call SEO and PPC that can get traction in the search engines, in social media and in traditional press.

We Love Every Client

Yes, seriously we do. Even those that make us want to pull our hair out with tweezers. We feel like we’re part of your team and each success burns us right where it counts.

Some agencies only treat their big clients well. We give the same services to every client because we genuinely want each one to succeed. That’s not just talk, either.

Love us back. Contact us here and make your dreams come true.