Facebook is a notable location for businesses as they persist to make improvements in becoming a fundamental platform for the evolving companies servicing social media.

Recently, Facebook has added an automatic spam filter to pages to make certain that page owners and admins have more control on the quality of the content that is being posted too their pages.

What are the criteria’s that Facebook will use to auto filter spam?

Facebook is enforcing that your page’s control is by you and those you and by those you have chosen to have admin access the page. Since, you do want to allow your customers to post to your page you do not want to turn off the wall settings that would disable the people who have “liked” your page to interact. Therefore, Facebook has decided to amplify their filtering by auto spam filtering:

a. low quality content
b. content that solicits spam

This criterion is resolute by Facebook, page owners and admins that have marked a post as spam.

What happens if something is marked as spam but isn’t?

You will still be able to unmark something that you request is not spam and it can be added back to your pages’ wall.

Here are the step’s to unmark spam.

1. Situate your cursor over the post you wish to unmark as Spam
2. Click on the X that appears in the upper right corner of the post
3. Click on the “Unmark as spam” option

This new Facebook feature will assist you in dominating your social media authority and resist the corruption of your reputation.

Part II of “A Quick Lesson in Improving your Facebook Pages: Marketing your Brand Part II” will be available in the coming days to support you in improving your success while using Facebook Pages.


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